We grow predominately Brown varieties, ranging from December to March/April harvest with the latest crop coolstored for late season domestic and process supply. We supply browns domestically loose in field bins, in bags (20kg, 10kg, and 5kg) as well as net clipped bags with a wineglass tag (1.5kg to 2kg)

We also grow red onions for domestic and export markets and these are supplied loose and in 10kg bags as well as in 1kg net clipped bags with a wineglass tag.

New Zealand (Local)

We supply customers in Hawke’s Bay (both wholesalers, fruit and vegetable shops and some supermarkets). We also supply the MG Marketing produce wholesalers in other areas of the North Island of New Zealand.

Export Onions

A large portion of our onion production is exported throughout the world. Predomintately the countries we export to are European and South East Asia plus Japan and Taiwan. Most of our exports are through the company New Zealand Growers Limited of which we are shareholders.


We supply early and late season onions to a local processor who we have had a long standing relationship with for years.